2 post Lift 4.5 Tons Pump

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Product Code: GTPL4.5

Product Description

About 2 post Lift 4.5 Tons

Electric motor (usually 220 Volt single phase 50 HZ, 4.5tons). The preferred electric motor should offer maximum torque while drawing the least amount of amperage. A high horsepower motor is NOT an advantage over a lower horsepower motor delivering the same torque.
Hydraulic pump mounted below the motor assembly (with preset valve pressure limit)
Plastic reservoir for the hydraulic fluid
Dump valve handle to allow hydraulic fluid to flow into the reservoir from the hydraulic system 4.0tons

When the power button on the electric motor is pressed, the electric/hydraulic power unit delivers pressurized hydraulic fluid (through hydraulic hoses) to the two cylinders (one is located in each of the opposing columns). The pressure of the hydraulic fluid is regulated by the factory preset pump valve.

Our Atlas lifts (although capable of lifting a weight more than the rated lift capacity) are limited to their rated capacity by the pressure valve located in the electric/hydraulic power unit. This pressure valve is FACTORY installed and adjusted to PROTECT the operator from OVERLOADING the lift. DO NOT ADJUST THE PRESSURE VALVE