Automatic A/C service station

Product Code: Automatic A/C service station

Product Description

Model: GM520

GM520 A/C System Maintenance Central(flush, recovery, vacuum, recharge)

* Automatic flushing
* Automatic recovering/recycling
* Automatic/manual used oil drain
* Automatic vacuum
* Manual new oil injection
* Automatic recharging with load cell
* Automatic recharging via the secondary recharging tank (200A)
* Manual recharging with jar via the auxiliary port
* Maintenance procedures
* Electric scale calibration
* Parameter setting

* Power supply: AC220V~50/60Hz or AC110V~60HZ
* Vacuum pump:4.5CFM,10Pa
* Compressor: 1HP, 12cc
* Load cell precision: ±10g
* Tank capacity: 12L
* LED display: 4 digits