Automobile charging system teaching board

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Product Code: GTAT 4008

Product Description

Product description

The teaching board is based on the vehicle charging system. It can fully display the composition and working process of the car charging system. The teaching of the composition and working principle of the charging system, fault-setting and fault diagnostics can be carried out. It is suitable for the theoretical study and practical operation of the charging system in the secondary vocational and higher vocational institutions.

Product Detail

Structure and composition

Charging system components, motor, voltmeter, ignition switch, fault set and simulation system, control panel, mobile stand.


1. Teaching board is based on the real car charging system. Each system works properly and the working principle and process of the car charging system can be demonstrated.
2. The detection terminal is mounted on the teaching board. It can detect electrical signals, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency, etc of the pin and the electrical components.
3. It has the specialized troubleshooting and set areas. You can set multiple common faults, stimulate the fault, test the fault and solve the fault.
4. After setting the fault, the student can use the instrument to check out the location and content of failure through the fault troubleshooting exercises.

Technical parameter

1. Mobile bench with locking casters, it can be moved freely.
2. Detection terminals: 6mm stainless steel terminal
3 6mmLED indicators
4. Dimensions: about 1260x850x1860mm
5 Maintenance intervals: 90 days