Product Description

Model GTSB 300 T
External Dimention       (m) 7.0ⅹ5.3ⅹ3.5 ( L×W×H )
Internal Dinmention     (m) 6.9ⅹ3.9ⅹ2.7 ( L×W×H )

Wall panel:

Inside Material EPS(Polystyrene), Thickness: 50mm
Structure Colorful steel skin panel outside.  Sanwich style.  Tongue & Grove Joint

Front Door

Enter Size (m) 3.0 ⅹ 2.7 ( W×H )
Structure 3 folded sheet metal process without frame

Safe Door:

One piece(1870×650mm)at in the side wall,with pressure lock

Light System:

Top light 2 sides × 5 sets × 4 pcs 40W/ piece
Side light 2 sides × 4 sets × 2 pcs 40W/ piece


Structure, Hinge installed filter frame,iron welded, powder coating.
Filter, Import filter,98%filtration rate.



Floor, 2 rows of grids and 3 rows of vein board Import filter
Ramps, 2 pcs of vein board style ramps


Intake Fan, 1 × 7.5 kw Turbo fan
Exhaust Fan, 1 × 5.5 kw Turbo fan
Exhaust Duct, 4 pcs straight duct, 1 pcs 90°vent and 1 pcs 60°vent
Fan Capacity, 24000 M3/h
Motor Voltage, 420V/50HZ/3PH (Other voltage for option)
Burner, Italian Riello diesel burner G20
Heat exchange, Stainless Steel, Argon Arc Welding the heat exchange rate 80%
Working Temperature, 60~80℃

Total Power 16 Kw

Electric Control system:
Imported components,with Emergency stop, Breakdown alarm,
Motor with direct start style

Environmental system: No (Active carbon system for option)